The real me

Vadims Brodskis

Software Developer for work, UX Designer at heart


WiseTech Global - Software Developer

November 2015 - today

CargoWise One is the operating system for the logistics industry. In my role, I work on one of the modules of CargoWise One focusing on productivity and behaviour shaping. Developing on desktop in C# with TDD and on the web front-end with ReactJS and KnockoutJS.

urbanest - Customer Service Assistant

November 2011 - November 2015

Coordinate and deliver the community building and sales activity at the site ensuring high levels of customer retention and acquisition. Previously Resident Assistant (Community Networker), responsible for organising and leading activities.

Kagoshima university - Assistant Language teacher

April 2014 - February 2015

Assistant English language teacher at the P-SEG intermediate english class for university students.


University of TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY - majoring in Enterprise Systems Development and Japanese Language

AUGUST 2010 - AUGUST 2016

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, majoring in software engineering and applications development.

Commendation - Membership of the Dean's List 2012.

Electives - Software Development Project, iOS Development, Android Development, Cloud Computing SaaS, Webmedia, Mobile Networking.

Kagoshima university - In country study exchange

April 2014 - February 2015

Japanese language and culture study. Studied advanced academic reading, professional writing, and unique cultural differences.

Scholarship - JASSO Scholarship.

Electives - Data Structures and Algorithms, Programming in C++

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SMASH Inc - IT Director

September 2017 - today

Am responsible for leading a team of developers, sysadmins and other IT professionals in maintaining the IT infustructure of the SMASH! convention.

IOA SumaGrow - UX Designer & web master

December 2016 - today

Was responsible for designing the website and setting up the online shop. The goal was to deliver an intuitive user experience for the farmers who will be shoppig for this chemical solution to improve their yield.

Anime@UTS - web master

September 2011 - September 2017

Am part of the executive team running the Japanese pop-culture society of UTS Active Clubs. Responsible for redesigning and managing the website; setting up and maintaining the Google Apps services, such as email storage, and a mailing list.

Kagoshima university vision research laboratory - iOS application developer

June 2014 - February 2015

Created an App which allowed colourblind people to distinguish colours, by changing the shading of the red and green parts of the video captured on camera.